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Indie horror 'Neverending Nightmares' comes to PS4 and Vita

Inspired by the developer's own battle with mental illness.

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Neverending Nightmares will be tip-toeing its way onto PS4 and Vita before the second half of 2016, bringing its unusual brand of horror and psychological exploration in tow. The game was originally launched on PC, Mac, Linux and Ouya in 2014, following a successful Kickstarter campaign that raised just over $100,000 for developer Infinitap. Players take on the role of Thomas, a young man that wakes up from a horrific nightmare in his home. Or has he woken up? A cycle of dreams begin to form, unravelling dark emotions and memories that continue to haunt him.

Although the game is now two years old, it should still be effective given its use of (mostly) monochromatic and 2D visuals. For PlayStation owners, the developer says it's improved "plenty of rough edges," making it easier to reach and recognise the points where the narrative branches in different directions. "This makes a huge difference in the experience," Infinitap creative director Matt Gilgebach says. The updated version will also run at a "targeted" 1080p and 60 frames per second with antialiasing, which should make the environments and character models a little sharper.

Finally, the PlayStation titles will support cross buy and cross save at launch -- so if you own both pieces of hardware, you can switch between the two at any time and continue playing, no questions asked. Just have a pair of headphones ready when you switch to the Vita version, because the spooky soundtrack thoroughly deserves a decent set of cans.

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