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Where to buy PlayStation VR in the UK

The headset isn't available until October but here's where to get your order in early.
Matt Brian, @m4tt
03.15.16 in AV

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Kiyoshi Ota/Bloomberg via Getty Images

So, Sony has finally given us all the details for its new PlayStation VR headset. It's coming in October and it'll cost you £350, but did you know that some UK retailers are already taking pre-orders? Well, now you do. If you can't wait until nearer the time, the PlayStation VR bundle -- which comes with the all-important headset, HDMI cable and USB cables, stereo headphones, add-on processor box but doesn't include the PlayStation Camera or Move controllers -- is currently available to order via the following stores:

Sony hasn't yet confirmed when it will offer the PlayStation VR headset, the PlayStation Camera and Move Motion controllers as part of a bundle in the UK, but it is coming.

If you don't already own the supported peripherals, now might be the time to invest, as retailers will likely be keen to captialise on demand. That said, the DualShock 4 controller already features motion tracking and will likely be supported by a good number of upcoming PS4 VR games.

We will continue to update the article as more retailers become available, so do check back if your chosen retailer isn't on the list right away.

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