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Roccbox portable stone bake oven can cook pizza in minutes

You can use either wood or gas as fuel.

Roccbox's Indiegogo campaign page says the lightweight stone bake oven can cook almost anything, from fish to fluffy breads. More important, it says the oven can bake Neapolitan pizza in just 90 seconds -- and who wouldn't want to eat their pizza ASAP, am I right? That kind of speedy baking is possible because Roccbox can reach temperatures up to 930 degrees F in under 15 minutes. You can even choose to cook using wood, if you want that distinct wood-baked flavor, or using gas as fuel.

Its creators started accepting preorders in the UK last year. If you back the new campaign on Indiegogo, though, you can get yours shipped even if you're in the US, Canada or Australia. While it appears that the project is already fully funded, you can still reserve a Roccbox for a $429 pledge, which is 25 percent off its retail price. The team plans to use its campaign funds to manufacture the first batch going out to backers as soon as June 2016. For now, you can watch Roccbox founder Tom Gozney baking a Neapolitan pizza in less than a couple of minutes to help you decide if the oven's worth it.

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