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Yahoo Games is shutting down in May

Say goodbye to the Flash games of your youth.

Yahoo Games, part of many people's early online gaming experience, has been on its deathbed since 2014 when the company started killing old titles. Now, Yahoo has decided on when it plans to lay the old casual gaming portal to rest, a month after it first announced that it's shuttering the website along with other products. On May 13th, 2016, Yahoo Games is going the way of the dodo. Those who want to experience it one last time for nostalgia's sake can still play, but note that it stopped accepting in-game purchases on March 14th.

Those who still play religiously will have to talk to the games' publishers about transferring anything they bought. Yahoo even asked those publishers to conjure up a transition plan for players before the shutdown date. Besides Games, the company is killing even more products as part of its quest to focus on its core offerings. The other services going down with the gaming portal are Livetext, some of Yahoo's regional media properties (like Yahoo Astrology in the UK), as well as its BOSS APIs for developers.

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