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YouTube's iPad app gets Split View and Slide Over features

Now you can watch videos while you YouTube.

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Productivity and YouTube don't always make a great pairing, but Google's giving iPad owners a chance to make it work. The latest version of YouTube for iOS includes support for Slide Over and Split View -- two of iOS 9's tablet-specific features. The former lets you jump into other apps temporarily, while the latter -- as the name suggests -- lets you run two side by side. Of course, the benefit of these features is all in how you use them. If you're planning on watching an Instructables video at the same time as making notes, productivity goes up. If, however, you're really just watching FailArmy while trying to rush your homework, there's no helping you.

The updates couldn't come at a more opportune time, of course. You may have heard that Apple just announced a new 9.7-inch iPad, and the message was clear: the new Pro is about multitasking just like you're used to on your laptop. Except, it's not quite the same. You'll still need for Slide Over and Split View to be enabled in both the apps you're wanting to use. Oh, and if you thought iOS 9's picture in picture mode made perfect sense here, that somehow isn't enabled, at least not in this version.

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