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One of Apple's first TV shows will be about apps

Because of course it'll be about apps.

Apple's foray in to the world of original programming doesn't stray from the company's skill sets. Today it announced that it was teaming up with TV executives Ben Silverman and Howard T. Owens, and rapper to produce a show about the app economy.

Don't expect a wacky sitcom revolving around hilarious developers. The show will be unscripted and sounds more like a documentary than the HBO show Silicon Valley. It's not the first show to come out of Cupertino. The company is also working with Vice on a six-part documentary called The Score.

Apple' senior vice president of Internet software and services Eddie Cue told The New York Times, Silverman brought the idea to Apple. No word how will be part of the show, but the entertainer has long been interested in technology and launching smartwatches and he's lent his voice to animated movies and TV shows including Rio 2 and The Cleveland Show.

Apple didn't share any information about the show's production schedule, where it'll be available to watch or when it'll actually launch. Cue made sure to note that Apple won't become a production company anytime soon which might squelch some of the rumors about Dr. Dre appearing in a scripted show produced by the iPhone maker.

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