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Swarm turns your check-in history into a detailed lifelog

Version 4.0 uses app activity to show where you and your squad spend the most time.

By bringing back mayorships, leaderboards and other features that make every day a new level in one big game, Swarm is now more or less what Foursquare once was. But with the release of Swarm 4.0 today, the check-in app is expanding further beyond the immediate gratification of coins and titles. The update places a greater emphasis on the lifelogging aspects of Swarm, using check-in data to build a richer history of what you and your friends have been up to. This starts with a redesigned profile tab highlighting check-ins, streaks and any photos posted while out and about.

Within the new profile tab, you can easily see the visit streaks you've earned, and you'll now find numerical and graphical breakdowns of top check-in spots (such as gyms, coffee shops and bars). These show where you and your friends tend to spend the most time, with both recent and all-time records. Also, your global check-in map, which itself has been tweaked to be more informative, now sits behind your profile picture, telling everyone how much of a jet-setter you are. And because Swarm doesn't want you to miss out on those all-important coins and stickers, it'll remind you of any skipped check-ins.

The "Weekly Swarm" is another new feature that updates you on all the cool stuff your friends have been doing while you've been stuck at work. This includes what they've been up to over the past seven days, in particular what "popular events and trending places" they've visited. Best of all, though, it'll report back any new or lost mayorships and stickers. So while you may not have earned anything to brag about that week, at least you can... console a friend that's been ousted as the long-time mayor of their local coffee shop.

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