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Vevo's app can use your Spotify account to give better recommendations

A new onboarding process makes it a lot easier to find music you love.

Last year, Vevo rolled out a new iOS app that let users pick their favorite artists as part of an onboarding process meant to give better customized music recommendations (it later brought the same experience to Android). In the time I've spent with Vevo's apps lately, I've found they work well -- as long as you're a top 40 music fan. But going through that onboarding process is a pretty big pain point if you're a fan of music even slightly outside the mainstream; you just won't likely find many bands or singers you care about.

Fortunately, that's changing today. A new update rolling out to the Android app (iOS will follow in the next week or so) tweaks the onboarding process so you'll get much more relevant results, regardless of what genres you're a fan of.

The biggest change is that you'll start off picking your favorite genres, not artists. The expected options like pop, country, hip-hop, indie and so forth will all be shown to you, and once you pick your favorites there you can dive into picking specific artists. It's an entirely logical way to go through the process of getting set up with a music app (Apple Music has a similar system in place), and it's a little surprising that it wasn't there at launch.

That's not the only new feature to make finding music you care about easier. Vevo can now link up with your Spotify, Twitter and YouTube accounts and automatically import the artists you follow on those platforms. That'll help you get better recommendations on Vevo and quickly have a profile filled out with music that you care about. And this new feature will certainly be helpful to users when the company's subscription product rolls out later this year.

Vevo says the social connection features will remain a mobile-only feature, at least for now, but the onboarding process will come to its Apple TV app eventually. In the meantime, though, any changes you make on the mobile apps will be reflected across your account, so the Apple TV app will remain up to date. If you want to give these new features a shot, the Android app should be in the Google Play Store today.

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