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You can use a tube of lipstick to play 'Counter-Strike'

Don't mess with Chloe Desmoineaux, the gamer behind Lipstrike.

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Chloe Desmoineaux isn't playing Counter-Strike, the renowned first-person shooter game from Valve, like everyone else. Instead of using traditional PC-gaming controls, she's turned a tube of lipstick into a trigger for her Counter-Strike weapons, thanks to a Makey Makey. This is the same kit that's been used to create a Play-Doh gamepad for Super Mario Bros, for example, since it lets you turn almost anything into a button.

"Counter-Strike is one of those games that's mainly attributed to a male audience," Desmoineaux said in email to Motherboard, describing what drove her to come up with this. "Lipstick for girls, war games for boys. Fuck that! I can mix it up. If it visually works and the resulting effect is comical, maybe it's because we all use shortcuts and stereotypes embedded in our heads. It's in this spirit that I got the idea for Lipstrike." And, as bizarre as Lipstrike sounds, it's even better in action.

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