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In a world of smartphones, Nintendo's 3DS reaches five years old

Mario and co. continue the handheld console struggle.

Nintendo's (not quite) first steps into 3D were shaky. Some of us complained that the 3D effect hurt our eyes, while others found the battery life on the first-generation 3DS just awful. (It was.) However, with bigger (and some flatter) iterations along the way, the handheld has started to hit a groove. Five years since it hit stores in the US, there's now a strong stable of quality games, and the company is bringing back some older SNES hits , as long as you've got the newer hardware.

There are now almost 58 million 3DSes out there across the world -- still less than half of the lifetime sales of the original 2DS, but more than enough to ensure your StreetPass gets some use if you into a big city. And if five years doesn't quite get your nostalgia juices flowing, you could always install Windows 95, you sadist.

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