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Watch the first live VR surgery stream on April 14th

You'll get to see every aspect of an operating theater in action.

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Medical Realities

Virtual reality has already been used to assist with surgery, and now it's giving you a chance to see that surgery as it happens. Medical Realities says it'll host the first live VR stream of surgery on April 14th, using a 360-degree camera to show the entire operating table. You'll only need the company's app and Google Cardboard (or a viable alternative) to tune in. The surgery isn't particularly risky (it's a fairly standard tumor removal), but the company is aware of the dangers -- the feed is delayed by a minute in case something goes awry.

The move isn't surprising for Medical Realities, which sees both VR and augmented reality as useful educational tools for aspiring doctors. Ultimately, though, this stream is just a stepping stone. The company's Shafi Ahmed hopes to eventually see VR simulations of surgery that give trainees the full experience without the typical risks.

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