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IBM Watson can customize your canned granola

The AI now powers a Kellogg's subsidiary's custom granola maker.

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Don't worry: IBM's Watson didn't whip up a bunch of needlessly complicated granola recipes for a cookbook that you must make (for science!). No, we're talking about its partnership with Kellogg's subsidiary Bear Naked, which is the first consumer brand to sell Chef Watson-inspired food. The partnership made it possible for Bear Naked to launch a website where granola enthusiasts can make custom blends. After you select a base -- cacao + cashew butter, chocolate or honey -- Watson looks through thousands of possible flavors to find ingredients it can suggest. It's a very simple process, and we wish Watson can customize each can of granola even further. But this could just be the beginning of services powered by IBM's AI that can personalize canned goods and other foodstuffs.

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