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Chrome extension blocks out the names of mass shooters

It replaces their photos with pictures of the victims, too.

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Many mass shooters were motivated by their desire for fame and glory, so the Brady Campaign believes it's time we shift our focus towards the victims. The non-profit org has released a Chrome extension called "Zero Minutes of Fame," because when installed, the killers don't get their 15 minutes. It blocks out the gunners' names -- so long as it's their full names -- in articles you read and even replaces their photos with pictures of the victims.

The extension's description reads:

"30% of mass killings, and 22% of school shootings, are inspired by previous gun related events.

These events are always covered by the media, who plasters the killer's name, image and motives all over their broadcast channels.

So, if the media continues to give these killers their 15 minutes of fame, then it's time to take matters into our own hands."

As The Daily Dot notes, the plug-in is largely symbolic: it will not keep the gunners' identities and actions secret from wannabes and copycats, since you'd have to consciously opt in. If you agree with the Brady Campaign and want to show your support, though, you can download Zero Minutes of Fame from the Chrome Web Store.

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