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Nintendo pulls a 3DS game to fight another homebrew exploit

'VVVVVV' is unavailable due to Nintendo's piracy jitters.

Nintendo's cat-and-mouse game with homebrew exploits isn't over yet. The gaming giant recently pulled Terry Cavanagh's retro platformer VVVVVV from the 3DS eShop after Shiny Quagsire discovered a way to use the game to run your own code. It's not a direct method, as you need another exploit for this to work (such as in the browser or another game), but that apparently doesn't matter to Nintendo.

We've asked Nintendo for its take on the situation, including the likelihood that VVVVVV will come back in the near future. Whatever happens, this isn't entirely shocking. Nintendo has long worried the potential for using homebrew exploits to enable piracy, whether or not they're technically capable of supporting bootlegs. The problem is that developers and would-be players get caught in the crossfire -- they miss out on revenue and gameplay thanks to a software trick that they couldn't have anticipated.

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