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6 Tips To Tech-Up Your Home Security

Kevin Nouse - Freelance software developer

Do you know that the US leads the rank when it comes to home burglaries? Yes, it's true, as per the studies, around 4 burglaries take place every minute here which comes to 1 per 15 seconds! That's disturbing enough and the cops might be trying hard to lower the statistics, we, as the homeowners, have to share some responsibilities as well. The good thing is that the technological advancements today have come up with excellent tools to boost up the level of security in homes.

Here are 6 tips to tech-up your home security to ensure a robust protection for your property and your family as well.

  1. Wireless alarms
Security alarms have been doing their rounds for quite some time now but the wired options are easy for the burglars to cut off while forcing their entry into properties. This has led to the development of wireless alarms where you have no risks of getting the alarm wire cut by the burglars. Here you have trigger devices mounted on windows & doors & they would communicate with central control panel when they sense some action. These alarms are based on micro-electronics.
  1. Body heat & motion detector
These devices are designed to detect body heat & motion and based on that detection will signal your alarm control panel to warn you about unwanted movements in your home. Don't worry, as these systems are intelligent enough to detect even slow walking inside the property and can even sense the body heat if the burglars are walking with their body covered. Thanks to their mini size, these detectors can stay concealed easily in your property.
  1. Fingerprint scanners
Inspired by the science fiction movies, the tech world today has brought fingerprint scanners for our homes as well. You will be able to operate with tablet or smartphone.
  1. Total home automation
There are total home automation solutions today that will enable one to control the locks, thermostat, lights as well as security cameras from tablet or smartphone. The best bit is that one does not even need to be at his house to do that.
  1. Furnace/leak failure detection
When it comes to home security, burglars are not the only one who vandalize your property. Sudden leaks or furnace failures too can do much to damage your dream home and hence you must be careful to protect your haven from them as well. Thus, you have technologically advanced home security solutions today that are equipped to detect the furnace failures or sudden leaks & such other household problems. Once they sense anything wrong with these systems, you would be alarmed immediately so that the emergency steps can be taken on time – preventing damage for the property from frozen pipes, water leakage or such expensive troubles.
  1. Home security apps
It's a "smart" world today where almost everything from travel to education to health is driven by apps and no wonder; we would have apps for home security as well. According to an article from Devcon Home Security Blog, there is a bevy of iPhone and Android security apps today that can help you in several ways. These apps can activate & disarm the alarm system; show access report data for nominated areas like doors or windows; monitor the video cameras & watch recorded or live clips; control lights, locks & thermostats and so much more.

Winding up

The tech world has done wonders to enhance the home security scene. Gear up to take advantage of such wonders to ensure a solid combat against the home burglars.

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