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Evernote adds image previews and search for Google Drive files

The productivity app now displays Google Drive files, rather than just a link to them.
Billy Steele
05.12.16 in Services

For many, Evernote is a useful productivity tool for notes, lists and more. Today, the company announced integration with Google Drive that allows you to drop in files instead of simply linking to them. As part of the new feature, those Drive files will show up as linked thumbnails and any images will display a preview. What's more, you can search Drive from Evernote and any changes made to documents or other files that are stored in the cloud will sync to your notes as well.

Google is making a habit of giving third-party apps access to Drive in the interest of productivity. Last month, the company announced that Yahoo Mail and WhatsApp users could drop in files from the cloud-based repository inside the respective iOS and Android apps. Right now, this latest Google Drive integration is available in beta on the web and Evernote's Android app with other platforms coming soon.

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