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Some YouTube users now have access to its in-app messenger

The YT team expects the new feature to result in more sharing.

YouTube has developed an in-app messenger, and according to Wired, it's now rolling the feature out to small number of users. The video service's director of product management, Shimrit Ben-Yair, said they created the feature, because her team believes it would result to even more sharing. Messages remain in a separate tab that can be accessed anytime, giving people a quick way to toss links, say of an amusing music video or a Let's Play playthrough, to a whole group of people.

If it catches on, it could cut out the middleman (i.e., other chat apps) and make videos trend even faster. It's also probably a way for YouTube to ensure users are spending more time on its website and apps in an effort to squash current and upcoming rivals. While only a lucky few are getting in-app messaging today, those who do get it can spread the feature further by inviting friends and contacts to chat.

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