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Some 'Warcraft' movie tickets include free 'World of Warcraft'

Not just free to a certain point, but a gratis digital copy of the full game.

Following a similar business tactic that drug dealers have employed for ages, developer Blizzard is giving folks who check out the upcoming Warcraft movie a free, full, copy of World of Warcraft. That's assuming you see the movie at certain Regal Cinemas (which is running a promo to send folks to BlizzCon, as well), United Artists Theaters or Edwards Theaters here in the United States. The promo is supported abroad too, with Australia, Brazil, Europe, Southeast Asia and New Zealand all getting in on the action. Of course, it's a digital edition of the game, but hey, most people don't buy physical copies of PC games anymore anyway.

And if you're already rolling deep in your guild with a level 100 death knight, Blizzard isn't leaving you out of the movie-themed fun. Logging into the game between May 25th and August 1st nets you a few "movie-inspired transmogrification items," according to Blizzard. The free game promo lasts quite a bit longer, and goes until New Year's Day, 2017. Warcraft, the movie, opens this June 10th and you can check out the latest dubstep-laden trailer below.

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