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Paramount will end its lawsuit against 'Star Trek' fan film

During an event premiering a trailer for 'Star Trek: Beyond' JJ Abrams made the announcement.

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Axanar Productions

Lawyers from Paramount/CBS have been pursuing the makers of a crowdfunded Star Trek fan film, Axanar, for months, but according to JJ Abrams, they're finally going to back off. Abrams made the announcement at an event last night on the studio's movie lot where the studio dedicated a street to the memory of Leonard Nimoy, premiered the second trailer(which you can watch below) for Star Trek: Beyond, showed about 15 minutes of footage from the movie, and announced plans to screen the flick on an outdoor IMAX screen at Comic-Con.

According to Abrams, the movie's director Justin Lin heard about the lawsuit, was personally troubled as a fan and pushed for a resolution. As you can see in the Periscope stream embedded below from, he said that in the next few weeks it will be announced that the lawsuit is going away. Now, in a statement to Buzzfeed reporter Adam Vary, CBS/Paramount lawyers have said that they are in settlement talks and plan to set up guidelines for future fan films. All in all, it's probably a good call to stop antagonizing the fanbase before releasing a new movie, so it's not too surprising that all of this news came at once.

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