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Uber's food delivery service is coming to London

Watch out Deliveroo!

In some parts of the world, Uber is known for more than just helping people get from A to B. UberEats, for example, is a food delivery service the company runs in various large North American cities, Paris, and as of a week ago, Singapore. It even has its own dedicated app in some places, and there are more than a few clues knocking around that point to the service launching in London in the near future. Uber is currently recruiting a "restaurant partnerships manager" and "marketing manager" for UberEats, both based in the capital, and according to BuzzFeed News, cyclists and scooter riders that will end up doing the legwork are being encouraged to pledge their allegiance prior to the service going live.

Regarding the mounting evidence, an Uber spokesperson said:

"UberEats has been hugely popular in every city around the world we have launched it in, so the fact we are exploring the UK market shouldn't come as a surprise. We're always looking at what other services we can bring to the market here."

UberEats will have some tough competition on its hands in the form of Deliveroo, the popular food delivery outfit that serves as an up-market alternative to the kind of grub you can get through Just Eat and Hungryhouse. Considering there are senior UberEats roles still up for grabs, though, we don't expect an imminent launch. But the fact Uber is seeking out two-wheeling "delivery partners" could also help the company expand beyond just food. They sound like the perfect group to have on hand if Uber wanted to bring its courier service to London, for instance.

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