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Tribeca Shortlist now streams movies on Android devices

Make room for another on-demand video service.

Last year, Tribeca Shortlist arrived on the video-streaming scene touting quality over quantity. At launch, the service was only available for iPad and the web, but it has since expanded to iPhone, Roku, Fire TV and, most recently, Apple TV. Now, Tribeca Shortlist is announcing support for Android devices, giving Google's mobile users access to over 150 movies on demand. In addition to that content, you can also watch exclusive interviews with actors, directors and other members of the film industry.

Naturally, you'll have to pay $5 per month if you're interested. That said, Tribeca Shortlist is trying to tempt people by offering a free Chromecast to those who sign up for six months ($30). Can you handle another streaming service, though?

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