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Hillary Clinton is co-hosting a podcast about her campaign

'With Her' should delight NPR nerds everywhere.

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On top of serving as Secretary of the State and New York Senator, Hillary Clinton can now add "podcast host" to her list of many accomplishments. The Democratic presidential nominee is co-hosting With Her, a new show which will chronicle her historic run for office. It's also the first podcast launched by a presidential campaign. Pineapple Street Media is producing the show, and it's also co-hosted by that company's founder Max Linsky, who's also known for the app and website Longform.

The first episode, which was published today, features Clinton talking about getting the Democratic Party nomination, as well as her frustration with Congress's inability to fund Zika prevention measures. You can expect eventual appearances from Clinton's VP choice, Tim Kaine, as well as other staffers and supporters.

While podcasts still have a fairly limited audience, launching a show of her own is a smart way for Clinton to speak directly to her most ardent supporters. And while opponents are still playing up issues around her private email server, the podcast lines up with her strong tech policy stance, which includes plans for increasing broadband internet access, STEM education availability and student loan help for budding entrepreneurs.

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