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From Paid Essays to Apps: Custom Writing Services Sell Mobile Applications for Students

Gloria Kopp

Today's students have to become proficient in a wider array of tasks than ever before. Recently, as well as being able to write an excellent essay, they also need to create mobile apps for their university projects. I've been talking with the CEO of Boom Essays writing service about what this means for them. As this is the case, it's no surprise that custom writing services have shown interest in helping students with mobile application development.

From the interview I've got that the usual business model of custom writing services assumes the creation of paid essays, dissertations and other academic projects on customer's demand. However, it is said that the company has already received over 110 requests for mobile application development since the beginning of 2016. They've noticed the trend and are one of the first companies to take heed and deliver a new service that actually differs a lot from their usual products.

Australian assignment writing service Essayroo has also shared statistics around mobile application orders among their customers, showing that it's a growing need not only in US student community, but in Australian community as well. Their CEO says that they've had over 50 requests for apps development services just for the last month along with typical pay for essay requests from students. This shows just how widespread the need is, with students worldwide asking for it.

It's been seen that application services are often requested when students are buying research paper services or willing to pay someone to write my essay. When they get in touch with a writing company, they can choose from a variety of subjects for applications. These include Javascript, Ruby and Rails, IT and Technology, etc. There's clearly already a market out there, and online writing services are providing their customers with what they need.

With all services, they come with a price. There are a lot of factors that influence the price for mobile application development. Students can expect to pay $12.99 for the simplest development task with a 14 day deadline, to $35.99 with a six hour deadline. As you can see, the longer you can give the writers the cheaper they can do the job for. However, it is interesting to see just how quickly they can complete a task, if the student is pressed for time.

As with paid custom essay writing before it, some have questioned the validity of ordering applications from these services. Shouldn't students be doing everything themselves? There is weight to these arguments, but it's worth investigating the work load of a modern day student. They're often working as well as studying, and juggling several assignments at once. It's a fact of modern student life that you just don't have time to do everything. When considered this way, it's easy to see why they're turning to these companies to help in creating applications.

Some students would argue that they're actually learning how to delegate and manage their time, skills that they will need once they step into the working world. It's hard not to agree with them. Arguably, it's not feasible to expect students to handle everything that is thrown at them. In the working world, we wouldn't take on such a huge workload as we'd know we couldn't deliver the quality of work needed in time. In cases such as these, delegation is a key.

Whatever you think of these services though, the demand for them grows every day, and custom writers aren't going to be short of work any time soon. Students know that they can access help when they need it, and that these services are becoming more technologically proficient to keep up with their demands.

In short, custom essay writers are with the times and creating applications is clearly just the beginning for them. What will they be able to provide in the future? We don't know yet, but we're excited to see what they'll come up with to keep their student customer base coming back.

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