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See why these headphones made a splash at CES

The A-Audio Legacy headphones offer a customized listening experience unlike any other, and they’re now over 70 percent off.

We live in a time when cars can drive themselves and drones are circling the skies, so it's okay to expect a lot more out of our headphones. The A-Audio Legacy Over-Ear Headphones answer the call, and Engadget readers can grab a pair for just $79—over 70 percent off the retail price.

These headphones earned a 2015 Honoree award at the CES Innovation Awards for good reason. In addition to 40mm drivers and memory foam padded circumaural ear cups, they come with patented 3-Stage Technology that lets you switch between passive audio, bass-enhanced, and active noise cancelling modes, so you can create a listening experience that's optimal for you. Plus, they're designed to be ultra-durable with chrome plating, steel construction, and zinc hinges.

The A-Audio Legacy headphones retail for $300, but you can pick up a pair today for just $79 + free shipping—the lowest price online. Don't wait too long to grab a pair, since this markdown won't last long.

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