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The Most Used Messaging App In The World

Davin Chuah

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"Ding Ding!" goes the smartphone just as soon as you lay it on the table. Another text message reminding you that you are constantly connected with the world. Seems familiar?

It's amazing how connected we have become in the recent years thanks to smartphone technology and social media apps. From the paper generation, communication has evolved electronically becoming faster than the blink of an eye. But did you ever ask yourself, what is the most used messaging app in the world? Did you ever wonder if you are part of that global movement in instant relaying of communication and shared media? If you have, we're going to attempt to answer those questions.

We use what we love

First and foremost, let's point out some of the apps closer to home – apps that you and I use on a daily basis. If you have the integrity to browse through your friend's or sibling's phones, you would have noticed a variety of messaging apps. You are most likely to find apps such as WhatsApp, LINE, Facebook Messenger and WeChat. At least in the region of Asia, Southeast Asia in particular, these apps thrive in the deep bowels of the majority of smartphones. Even better, many smartphone manufacturers pre-install these apps for you way before you purchase the device.

With all this talk about messaging apps, is what we see really what we get? Are these messaging apps in our phones some of the top in the world? To find out, we dive into some statistics.

Get some stats!

Now, let's look at some statistics, you know, facts and figures. Based on data retrieved from iPrice, there is one app that conquers the market when it comes to instant messaging – WhatsApp. With over 109 countries taking the app as the main messaging tool, WhatsApp has is a global leader.

In second place, we see Facebook's Messenger app coming in as a popular hit. Making the most of the social media website, Facebook Messenger allows you to bring your messages wherever you go. You won't even need to log in to your account to access the Messenger app.

Another popular messaging app is WeChat. Particularly in China and Asian countries, WeChat is a much-loved messaging app. The ability to share photos and videos in real time makes the app irresistible. Some smartphones such as iPhones have WeChat pre-installed even before purchase.

Skype is another popular app that is widely used all over the world. The ability to make video and conference calls for work related purposes gives quick access to information. Many potential employers do Skype calls with their new recruits and possible employees using Skype.

In Asia and the surrounding regions, another app has emerged as one of the top 5 leading messaging apps. That app is none other than LINE. LINE is more famously known for their promos with free goodies. LINE also does collaboration with Chatime and other big brands in the region to encourage use of the app. This is one reason why people love LINE. LINE also is known for cute emojis and mascots. The LINE bear and bunny are even sold as figurines.

Why is it the most used messaging app in the world?

Now that you know a little more about the top 5 messaging apps in the world, it's time to find out the mysterious reasons behind why the top app, WhatsApp, is the most frequently used.

For starters, WhatsApp is free! We get so turned on at the sight of the word "FREE". The same goes for WhatsApp. When we first held our smartphone, we looked for the most popular messaging app first instead of other apps. Coming across WhatsApp in Google Play for Android or the AppStore for Apple, we immediately downloaded as there was no fee required.

WhatsApp is also owned by Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg. The genius billionaire bought the company and since, evolved it to what it is today. This means that WhatsApp has now new improvements such as photo and video sharing, along with added emojis, and even reply-to-specific message features.

Security – encrypted stuff, one of biggest reasons why we choose one app over another. It's self-explanatory. Everyone wants their information to be confidential. With WhatsApp going encrypted, even the FBI can't access information from WhatsApp chats. As users, we can rest assured that our information conveyed across WhatsApp; photos, videos and more, are safe and sound. Also, WhatsApp has features that disable spam and other harmful advertisements so you have peace of mind when using the app.

One feature that we love in WhatsApp is the group messaging ability. Getting everyone together in a group allows us to disseminate information to many people simultaneously at a fraction of the time. Planning surprise parties, hosting an outing or a dinner at a friend's place is so simple! Simply add all your buddies in one group and get going!

It's a wise choice using the world's most used messaging app

In summary, let's look at the bigger picture. When it comes to messaging apps, what are the essentials we look for? First and foremost, availability. If the app is available and possibly free in our country, we will be more inclined to use it. Next, is it popular with the masses? Do our circle of friends, family and associates use the same app? Also, how many functions does the app have? The more usable the app is, the more convenient life gets. And lastly, security must be taken seriously. No one wants their privacy invaded and their information shared to other outside parties.

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