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Apple's iPhone upgrade programme is coming to the UK

A new way to fund your smartphone obsession.

Apple is bringing its iPhone upgrade programme to the UK, giving diehard fans a new way to fund their annual upgrade. Plans start at £33.45 per month, netting you the regular iPhone 7 with 32GB of storage. Upping the instalments to £38.45 per month will grant you the 128GB model, or you can spend an extra pound (£39.45 per month) to get the 32GB iPhone 7 Plus. All six plans are listed on Apple's website -- in the fine print you'll see that each one requires a £49, upfront payment on the day of the purchase.

After 20 monthly payments, you've paid off the phone. After 11 monthly payments, however, you can choose to upgrade to the next iPhone instead. Each handset is unlocked and covered by AppleCare+, meaning you don't have to worry if you accidentally drop it on the floor. For Apple, it's an obvious way to keep people locked in to the iOS ecosystem, while extracting sizeable payments at a regular clip. For customers, it's an intriguing payment option -- though one you should consider carefully, given you'll be paying off each phone for almost two years.

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