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Quitting the internet

Ajala Sodiq, @

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Communication becomes easier. Interactivity wilder. Information everywhere. Quitting the internet is like quitting the world. Yet, not quitting the internet is like leaving the world.
The internet is a busy and populous sphere. It fakes and arrest your identity, deviates you from the world.
The virtual community has made more than marred. But the little and insignificant mar is huge in its consequence to human. Anyways, there's no wrong with the internet, just something wrong with us - our use of the internet.
Internet days off is soothing and awakening. Should you not see this, consider having timed use of the internet.
Get the needed information from it and quickly take to your heels. Digest the little you get from the internet and broaden it up with your humane. Don't be a robot!
Fastest ambience I must say. When you're on the internet, you're living on the run. When you'd be on the walk. You know, that kind of slow saunter that gives you time to think, feel, perceive, and listen to even the minutest thing as the sound of the pin as it drops on the sand.
So, when time stretches in front of you like open sand area. Try the following:

  1. Explore your personal life
  2. Vibrate the rareness and value
  3. Sit still for long hours
  4. Engage in more natural endeavor
  5. Evaluate your productivity
  6. Do more

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