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Using Mobile Apps Can Triple Your Brand Reach

Ryan Kh, @ryankhgb

Companies are always looking for new ways to improve their brand images. They still rely heavily on digital advertisements, but have also started using mobile apps.
If you're trying to grow your online brand, you will want to consider using mobile app marketing. You can always outsource your strategy to a professional marketing team such as DIAP Media.

Creating Branded Apps

Companies offering any IT service were the first to take advantage of mobile app marketing, but brands in other industries have since caught on. Here are some examples of companies that is there on apps:
  • Starbucks. Loyal Starbucks customers use the company app to earn rewards, expedite payment and even order drinks before visiting the store.
  • BMW. BMW recently developed its own app to provide better service to customers. Drivers can use the app to lock their doors, change the heating and air-conditioning settings and locate the vehicle.
  • Home Shopping Network. Customers can use the Home Shopping Network phone app to find the best deals and place online orders.
  • De Beers For You, Forever. De Beers is one of the world's best diamond retailers. They have always taken advantage of technology to deliver the top-tier customer service. They developed the "For You, Forever" app that allows customers to create customized engagement rings.
Creating your own app allows you to engage with customers on a daily basis and provide higher quality services.

Using Existing Apps to Expand Your Brand Reach

Organic marketing can be one of the most cost-effective ways to grow your brand. Since most customers own mobile devices, you should use mobile apps to reach and engage with customers. Here are some great apps to use.
Offerpop is a great app that allows you to what are your social media campaigns across almost every platform. You can track social shares, hashtag trends and daily visitors.
Convert is one of the best apps for split testing. You can use it to test the impact of headlines, images and other elements on your website and social media accounts.
Buffer let's see you schedule social media posts. It's very similar to HootSuite, except it can actually decide for you what times are best. This app identifies trends and sweet spots for scheduling content.
Pagemodo is a great app for optimizing social media pages. You can create custom layouts and import dynamic elements that wouldn't otherwise be available.
Plagiarism is a growing concern for digital marketer is in every industry. Fighting content theft is even more important now that Google is penalizing plagiarism more harshly.
Plagspotter is a great app that allows you to track duplicate content across the web. If your content is plagiarized, you can take immediate action.
Tint it's a unique app that allows you to create communities for your customers.

Improve Your Branding Strategy with Mobile Apps

Mobile apps are transforming digital marketing in ways marketers could never have expected. You need to be aware of the different branding apps available and use them to your advantage.

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