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Drone Racing League - Everything you want to know about it! [Infographic]

Richa Sharma

Drone Racing League, the latest talk of the town, is on the way of taking the slot of our favourite racing events among all and the fact that it is about to hit our TV screens with its World Championship soon is making it all the way more amazing! Yes, the date is pretty close.
The excitement involved in drone racing is undoubtedly making people go nuts and there is no way that a drone lover would miss the upcoming Drone Racing League Championship 2016. Now that we are able to watch it on TV, there is nothing else one can ask for.

DRL caught everyone's attention by fetching a $1 Million investment from Sky and yes, after having seen the official DRL Videos, we are not surprised.

In case, you're still in doubts about what the event is all about, here is an infographic presented by TDS that explains everything one needs to know about the upcoming DRL Series 2016. Have a look and fill yourself in with details!

Drone Racing League

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