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Top 10 Amazing Facts About India's ECommerce Giant Flipkart

Shekhar Mishra, @techshekhar

From a humble beginning in 2007 to becoming the biggest E Commerce Marketplace in India, Flipkart has traveled a tough and successful journey through firm determination and extraordinary technical and leadership skill of their founder duo - Sachin Bansal & Binny Bansal (Not Related). In recent days I tried to read about this Online Shopping giant from here and there and found some amazing facts about it. Sharing some of them here.

1. Flipkart was not a fluke. Both Co Founders are Alumni of prestigious Engineering College IIT Delhi and Then worked for Amazon as Software Engineer. They were one of the best performer both at IIT and at Amazon.

2. Flipkart which now is the most visited Indian website had a humble beginning. Both Co Founders left Amazon to launch India's own Online Book Selling Site and thus founded Flipkart. The first ever book ordered on Flipkart was 'Leaving Microsoft to Change the World by John Wood'. Sachin Bansal did the job of packing it while Binny Bansal was Delivery boy.

3. Bansal Duo focused on creating a strong backend with easy to use functionalities which became USP of Flipkart in its early days. Initially they sold Books only in Bangalore but later expanded the business in other Tier I cities.

4. They received their first funding from Accel Partners in 2009 and since then have raised total of $US 3 Billion in different round of fundings with a market valuation of nearly 10 Billion as of September 2016

5. Flipkart's 2015 Big Billion Day Sales Was A Major Success when it sold Merchandise worth $US 200 Million in Three days. They broke their own record in 2016 when total sales clocked 225 Million USD in Three Days.

6. Total Number of shoes sold on Big Billion Day Sale 2016 was more than the total Shoes sold by all brands in India in a single day. Now Take This, In 36 Hours Flipkart sold more TV Sets than total number sold by Top Retailers nationwide.

7. Flipkart had a market share of 45% in 2015 easily beating the competitors like Amazon and Snapdeal. In 2014 Flipkart Acquired Fashion E-Tailer Myntra for 300 Million USD and Then Bought Myntra's Competitor Jabong for US$ 70 Million.

8. In 2016 Time Magazine named Sachin & Binny Bansal in prestigious list of 100 Most Influential Person.

9. Sachin bansal and Binny Bansal were at 86th position in Forbes India Rich List of 2015 and moved to 65th position in 2016 with net worth of $US 1.24 Billion each.

10. The Company which Started from personal saving of Sachin & Binny Bansal of around US$ 6000 is now clocking US$1.5 billion Yearly and termed as India's Alibaba.

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