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7 Helpful Tools for Digital Nomads

Alice Williams

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Backed by evidence that remote employees are happier, freelancing and telecommuting jobs continue to grow. Now known as "digital nomads," some freelancers and telecommuters travel the world as they work remotely from a variety of locations.

Technology fuels a location-independent lifestyle, and the more tools you use, the more effective you can be. If you're enjoying or about to embark on a digital-nomad life, these seven tools can streamline your projects and make it easier to check in with your clients or employer—regardless of your location.

  1. Internet Speed Tool
When you rely on the internet to complete tasks and communicate with team members, employers, and clients, you need to know your connection won't slow you down. Use an Internet Speed Tool to determine your speed needs before you head to a new locale, especially if you plan on sharing large files, streaming music, or hosting video conferences.

  1. Every Time Zone
Coordinating schedules and setting appointments with people in multiple time zones can create more work than necessary. Every Time Zone solves that problem in an instant. This time zone converter lets you know what time it is anywhere in the world and helps you avoid the hassle of incorrect scheduling.

  1. Trello
If you're collaborating with other team members remotely, your success depends on solid project management. Trello makes collaboration more flexible. You can create different lists on boards that chart your progress from beginning to end. Add people to entire projects or specific stages based on their responsibilities. Thanks to the visual boards, it's easy to delegate tasks and keep all participants on schedule.
  1. WeTransfer
Email is the most popular system for sending and receiving messages, but when you need to share large files and folders, you need a virtual thumb drive. Cue WeTransfer, an online file-transferring platform that's secure and reliable. You can send up to 2 GB per transfer to any email address in a matter of seconds, free of charge and with zero stress.
  1. SelfControl
While studies show that remote workers feel more productive, we all experience distractions on occasion. If you find yourself procrastinating or losing focus, use SelfControl, an open-sourced anti-distraction app. When you need to stay focused, the app lets you block access to specific sites and even your mail server for a set period of time. Click "Start," and you're free of distractions.

  1. Timely
Do you charge hourly or wonder how long it takes you to complete tasks? Timely can help. As the program runs in the background of your computer, it maintains a digital log of your projects. Timely's automatic time tracking helps you monitor time spent on tasks, track hourly rates, set completion goals, organize projects by their priority, and compare your logged time with your estimates.

  1. Boomerang
While you may have the advantage of working any time of day, many of your clients or team members likely work the standard nine to five. Using Boomerang, you can write your emails at your most productive hours and schedule them to send at a later time. The app also lets you archive messages and will remind you to reply to a message after a set period of time.

Start adding a few of these tools to your tech arsenal to streamline your tasks and client communication. With help from technology, you can be a lean, mean productivity machine. If you use any of these tools already, what do you love most about them? Comment with your tips and share your tech recommendations for other digital nomads.

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