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How advanced real time car tracking works?


GPS or Global Positioning System can be defined as a radio-navigation system that covers the entire world. It is powered by the constellation of 24 different satellites, which are paired with their ground stations. GPS is mainly controlled and funded by the Department of Defense in United States. In fact, it was initially developed for military purposes of US Army. However, people use GPS technology for many different purposes in today's world. Real time vehicle tracking holds a prominent place out of them.

Did you ever wonder how advanced real time car tracking works? It is powered by the GPS technology. In fact, GPS technology has been paired with advanced mapping and flexible software tools. A GPS enabled tracking device is installed on all the cars that need to be tracked. These devices would then collect and transmit all the tracking related information through a satellite or a cellular network. This data will be sent to a hosted application, which people can access at any time of the day through the internet. All the people who access this hosted application will be able to receive real time car tracking updates.

The advanced car tracking technology can deliver a variety of information to the people. They include the specific location, speed, direction, idle time, journey start time, journey stop time and many more. As a result, almost all the fleet management services in today's world prefer to use this technology in order to keep track of their vehicles. It is one of the most efficient methods available for fleet management as well.

A car GPS tracking system can work in many different ways. They can be categorized into commercial and residential uses. When considered from a commercial perspective, the GPS device can record the exact position of all the vehicles in a fleet. All the captured information will then be sent into a centralized database. On the other hand, passive GPS tracking systems can monitor the exact location of cars and store the information on journeys. The information is stored on the internal memory of the GPS device or a separate memory card.

This is usually being used for residential purposes. You can also allow the data to be transmitted automatically based on your preferences.People who are interested in experiencing the benefits of advanced real time car tracking can seek the assistance of various service providers. Carlock is a perfect example for such a service provider. They offer an advanced real time car tracking and alert system for the people in need. It will give you the opportunity to keep peace of mind because you will get alerts right onto your smartphone once the vehicle is moved or the engine is started. It is also in a position to detect unusual vibrations of your vehicle and alert you.

Carlock can be considered as one of the most advanced vehicle tracking systems available for people in today's world. For example, it can effectively detect harsh acceleration and breaking of vehicles. The collected information will then be used to create a safety score, which will be sent to the user at the end of the month. Therefore, you will be able to figure out whether your drivers are reckless or not. On the other hand, this application is in a position to monitor the health of your car as well. For example, if your car battery is running low, you will be provided with an alert. The detailed trip tracking system is icing on the cake. You don't have to worry about anything when you integrate this app with your entire fleet.

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