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How technology can help to make your sleep better?

Samar Kishor, @SamarKishorr

While everyone loves a vibrant morning with vigorous activities, loud parties, prim and proper office codes and the hustle bustle of family life; no one can deny the loveliness of night where you can put all your tensions aside and relieve the body with sleep. 8 hours of sleep are deemed necessary for a healthy mind and that eventually gives rise to a healthy body. With technology taking over everything gradually, it has even found some ways to help you sleep more peacefully!

  1. Hush Smart Earplugs: sleeping earplugs have been quite common over the past few years, but their downsides of permanently damaging the ear canal, plus leaving off their pieces in the ear are known as well. On the other hand, headphones are a heavy commodity and can't be handled by most clients. These smart plugs blend in the two concepts to produce earplugs that play pacifying music of your choice lightly in your ears to not only wedge out noise from around but also help you sleep with no trouble.
  1. Lark in the dark: this extremely cool wristband is produced for heavy sleepers. People who don't wake up by hurricanes cannot be woken by alarms! This band starts vibrating on your wrist and that movement is enough to wake the body up from slumber. This also minuses the problem if you share a room with somebody and they are not to be woken up at the time your alarm clock rips off. Both of you can wear these bands to wake up without troubling the other.
  1. Boon Glo nightlight: say bye bye to brighter flashlights that conveniently lose battery life when you need them. These lights come with glowing balls that are portable, i.e. you or the kids can carry these glowing balls with you to the bathroom trip at night!
  1. Rose colored glasses: as life progresses, people tend to be engrossed in their smartphones or laptops before bed. The blue light emitted from them has an adverse biological effect; plummeting the production of a chemical called melatonin that functions in sleep. The rose colored glass block off the blue wavelength light henceforth keeps your melatonin production healthy and effective so you may sleep better.
  1. Philips wake up light plus: Don't you just hate waking up to blistering sunlight through your curtains? Well, not anymore! This gadget imitates the rise of dawn not only with the pleasurable soft light, but also the soft sounds of morning! This helps your body accept that you need to wake up, and you open your eyes to a pleasant sight.
  1. Sleep shepherd: this is a cap that you must wear on your head. The biological system incorporated into its uses binaural beats to soothe the brainpower. In addition, it also keeps a check on your sleep cycle and pattern, overtime, learning your body system for helping to wake you up appropriately at the best time.
  1. Must have curtain liners: Are you one of those people who hate sleeping in well-litrooms but also love bright light flooding your room in the morning? Well, worry not; because these new curtain liners are fitted above your normal curtains and at night they are lowered to make your room pitch black. Ah the dream of a sleeper! Pun intended!
  1. Queen sheet performance sets: bed sheets that are smart! These will not only regulate your body temperature, but shall convert your sweat into vapor, making the sheets cooler instantly as per the laws of physics and in turn, keep your body from overheating and making your sleep pattern uncomfortable.

Whether it is sleep plugs or glowing light balls, the world is progressing fast and to our happiness, it is producing appliances that will make our life easier. Henceforth, it is important that every once in a while you ask yourself: am I at pace with the developing world? Is there a device that can help me improve my lifestyle? And all guarantees given, that once you check out the world wide web you will be amazed at the gadgets and technologies present and those underway.

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