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How Technology Is Changing Fashion

Sahash Khanal

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"What am amazing time to be alive!"

We often hear people say this out loud, but seldom do we find the time to just sit and appreciate what that really means. I mean, if we think about it, these truly are the best of times.

One of the many progresses we've made with the advent of modern technology is in fashion. Today, it's easier than ever for the average Jane or John to not only look their best selves but also to keep up with the latest fashion trends. We have apps that tell you how good you look, hair clippers that you can use to cut your own hair, and we're getting ever closer to robots that can help us put on makeup.

In this article we look into some of the ways in which technology has & will continue to drastically change fashion.

The Internet & Social Media

Perhaps the biggest of all changes, are the internet and social media. If you're reading this article, you're on the internet and chances are someone sent you this link via social media. It has become ever easier to follow your favorite fashion icons and to keep up with the latest in fashion trends thanks to social media.

Affordable Personal Grooming Tools

Long gone are those days when people absolutely had to go to the barber's shop or to the beauty parlour to look better. Of course, self-grooming tools have been around for sometime now, but it's only recently that they've started getting more and more exciting. Not only are these technologies getting better, they're actually getting more and more affordable as well. Who'd have though 50 years ago that people today would be able to curl their hair in minutes while in their bed rooms. Truly exciting times!

AI To Tell Us How We Look And Recommend Fashion Tips

Wow! Isn't this the one thing every well groomed man and woman has needed since like ever? We all at some level need to know how good or bad we look and how we can change our fashion styles to look better. Historically we've had to rely on family members, peers and sometimes even strangers for this. But with the advent of AI technologies such as Machine Learning, apps that help us in this are being developed. Considering that all this has come in less than 5 years time, we can only imagine how good they'll get in the near future.

Design Tools & 3D Printing

Design & decoration are two of the most important aspects of fashion. And once again, modern technology has made these more accessible and simpler for the fashion enthusiast. Will powerful computers and incredibly detailed softwares, it is easier that ever to render our imaginations into an observable output. And with 3D Printing technologies getting better by the day, we can only expect that printing our ideas out will become more common in the future. I'm saying it again: Exciting Times!

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