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Six Vaping Apps Worthy of Your Consideration

Allan Smith, @day2dayfinance

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When it comes to aiding our lifestyle, there's a safe bet that many of use an app. Regardless of whether we're looking to lose weight, or simply tick off our bucket list, there is always a vast selection of apps that look to make things that little bit easier.

In this regard, it should come as no surprise that there are now a number of apps that are aimed towards the vaping community. The apps will help you in a number of ways, regardless of whether you're vaping for the first time, or looking for a reputable e-cigarette vendor.


There are many reasons why people take up vaping, but for many, it's to shake the shackles of tobacco addiction. Anyone who has been a smoker in the past will be able to testify how difficult a habit it is to break, so it makes sense to take advantage of every little bit of encouragement you can.

One of the most encouraging factors when giving up smoking is the amount of money we can save, but such calculations can fall by the wayside when trying to keep track of other things. As such, an app can help with these calculations, without you putting too much strain on the grey matter.

Vapemate not only informs you of how much money you have saved by switching to vaping, but can also give you a rundown of how many cigarettes you've managed to avoid since making the switch. It may not seem like much, but watching those savings pile up can give you a much stronger willpower when trying to give up the cigarettes once and for all.

E-Juice Lab

As already pointed out, there are a number of reasons as to why people decide to take up vaping, so not everyone will be looking to see how much money they've saved, as they not have smoked that much in the first instance.

Fortunately, the app marketplace is one that is full of choices, and not all apps are looking to contend with tobacco addiction.

E-Juice Lab is an app that looks to offer users a calculator that allows them to create their own e-cigarette fluid based on their preferences. The PG/VG ratio and nicotine strength can be amended, as well as users having access to a slew of different flavours. The app will then calculate the volumes required for you to create your very own e-cigarette fluids.


Evidently, there will those of us who have been vaping for some time, so when looking at apps, we may be looking for something that offers a little more. Fortunately, VaporCalc offers more than just a savings calculator.

Users will be able to find out information on a number of different aspects of vaping, regardless of whether you need help with coil wrapping, or you just need some detail regarding Ohm's Law.

Another impressive aspect of the app is that it is updated on a regular basis, some you can be confident that the information you peruse is up to date.

Planet of the Vape Forum App

If you're something of a seasoned vaper, you will have no doubt stumped upon the Planet of the Vape forum. However, if you've not stumbled upon the forum before, then why not take advantage of this great app?

As well as being given access to a series of user guides and nicotine reduction tips, you can also chat with the community about almost anything. What's more, if there is something that you're struggling with, just post a question, and more often than not, another member will only be too happy to help.

OHM's Law App

When you first embark on your vaping journey, it's unlikely that you will have to worry about things such as voltage, resistance and current, as most of this will be determined by the brand you wish to adopt.

However, those who have been vaping for some time will often want to take advantage of advanced personal vaporisers, then it makes sense to become familiar with the equations regarding OHM's law, as it will make all the difference as to what kind of hit your vapour is able to deliver.

However, there is no need to make your way to the library just yet. Although OHM's Law is fairly straightforward, it can be a cumbersome operation if your mind is elsewhere, so wouldn't it be great if there was an app that was able to take care of all the calculations for you?

Fortunately, the OHM's Law app is able to take care of the calculations for you, leaving you with more time to enjoy vaping on your own AVP.

Vape Boss

Whereas some of us may have taken up vaping to distract us from the dangers of tobacco, there are of those of us who just enjoy vaping. As such, we require an app that is able to deliver information from a few simple thumb swipes.

Fortunately, those who choose to adopt the Vape Boss app as their reference point will find an abundance in relation to many aspects of vaping culture.

As well as offering users a handy OHM's law calculator, Vape Boss also includes a coil-building calculator and even locations when you can buy different e-liquids and e-cigarettes.

Although some may find that app a bit cumbersome in comparison to other options, it is worth noting that the app is completely free, and is one of the rare apps that looks to offer a vaper everything they need in one useful app.

As to which apps you will find more useful will really depend on what you're setting out to achieve. Those new to the world of vaping are advised to consider apps such as Vaper Mate as well as the Planet of the Vape forum app. However, if you're a little more experienced and are looking to take things to the next level, then you'll find an abundance of features in apps such as OHM's Law and Vape Boss to immerse themselves further into the world of vaping.

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