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Fluke Analyzer the giant of Network Cable Certification Tester

Samar Kishor, @SamarKishorr

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Over the years, cable testing and analysis has experienced tremendous leaps especially in terms of technology. Professionals today do not have to endure with past cable testing technology that offered less features. Today, network specialists have access to modern digital cable testers like the Fluke DSX 5000 Cable Analyzer.

It comes with a host of features which helps to make one's work easier. Some of the features it comes with include:

  1. Versiv modular design which helps to support copper certification, fiber optic loss, OTDR testing and fiber end-face inspection
  2. It has adaptive UI that simplifies set up and also eliminates errors
  3. Comes with a graphic display that shows the source of failures. They include cross talk, return loss and shield faults. These ensure faster trouble shooting.
  4. Has the ProjX s system that manages job requirements and progress. This is possible from set-up to system acceptance. This ensures all tests are completely correct.
  5. Easy to use buttons for controlling the device.
  6. It is able to connect to LinkWare Cable Test Management software. The software pulls data from the Fluke DSX 5000 Cable Analyzer putting together into a statistical single report. The data can be turned into charts revealing performance of the network.

With all these features and many more, you can see why it is important to switch from your old tester to the modern Fluke DSX 5000 Cable Analyzer. This is not only suited to your requirements, but it will provide the best results when it comes to set up and troubleshooting.

With the Fluke DSX 5000 Cable Analyzer, network specialists will ensure signal strength between computers is up to par for transmitting data. Plus it ensures no outside interference is causing data loss and decreasing signal strength.

Here are the benefits of using network cable tester.

Ensure accurate testing

Past cable testers did their work ok and this is attributed to the technology available by then. Today, technology has improved tremendously and old cable testers cannot keep up. As a network specialist, it is important to provide the right readings for signals. This not only ensures that network users enjoy fast network access but it prevents data loss. Data loss results in incomplete transfer from data. For instance, you may be downloading or streaming content. Due to data loss, your download will be incomplete and may probably not open correctly. With modern cable testers you are assured of accurate readings thanks to digital technology.

Experience long term use

Former cable testers that utilize the old technology are starting to lose charge due to the age of the internal battery. Furthermore, you will find that the same gadget cannot be able to maintain the same charge it could when it was new.

The Fluke DSX 5000 Cable Analyzer comes with a charging cable which ensures the battery is juiced up always. Furthermore, the battery is designed to retain battery juice for longer usage.

Generate accurate reports

Today, cable analyzers and testers are designed to offer well designed and informative reports. These reports allow specialists to pinpoint where a problem may exist. The reports are displayed on the device's LCD screen. They are colored making it easier to read and interpret.

Track progress

Fluke DSX 5000 Cable Analyzer is designed to track a job progress. Furthermore, it can get real time access of test results thus allowing network specialists to fix the problems quickly while in the field. It also helps to transfer and consolidate test results.

Modern cable testers can be connected to computers, laptops and smart devices. These devices can be installed with test management software which helps to track the progress of every test carried out. Thanks to this feature, professionals will have access to statistical reports which are easy for the customer to understand. This helps to showcase the quality and workmanship of network professionals.

As a network specialist, it is important to keep up with technology if you want to remain relevant. Providing customers with inaccurate data collected by your old cable tester is not the best way to conduct business. By investing in modern and digital cable testers like the Fluke DSX 5000 Cable Analyzer, you are assured of accurate results and access to more features like reports and charts.

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