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Tech Products "for women"

nalicej, @jalicintaa

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The battle of the sexes has existed from since time immemorial. The inherent differences between men and women are now also reflected in technology. Technology has been predominantly male based with products being designed by men for men. Some designers and developers have started to leverage on gender users when creating products. Developing women's products are no longer about splashing a pink color on a gadget. More attention is now paid on what women really want beyond colors. A right product should be designed to be stylish and effectively meet the intended use. However, a wrong product comes across as sexist and offensive.
Some tech gadgets developed for women are worth the effort, especially those that take into consideration the love of fashion by women. To show that women tech products are not demeaning or sexist, this article will look at some of them.
Security for women is a paramount issue as there are a large number of women who are assaulted daily. Therefore, security matters should be addressed in all possible ways. Some gadgets that were developed with women security in mind include;

  • A Siren looks like a normal ring, but emits a piercing loud sound meant to confuse and distract attackers. By twisting the top of the ring to the left a loud sound is emitted.
  • Revolar distinguished as a small garage clicker and measures less than two inches. By pressing twice on the gadget a 'yellow alert' message is sent to designated contacts to mean the user feels unsafe. When pressed three times a 'red alert' is sent to indicate serious help needed.
  • Charm Alarm keeps personal belongings safe from theft. It consists a piece of jewelry and a smart card. The smart card placed in personal belongings activates an alarm once personal stuff is moved. The wearable charm on the other hand notifies the owner by flashing and vibrating on the wrist.
  • Athena created by roar for good is a device that can be attached to a purse or worn as a necklace. A loud alarm is activated once a user presses the button on the gadget. The device can also be set on silent mode, but send a message to contacts without producing a sound.
While developing tech products for women companies should avoid assuming women do not understand technology. Such as in the case of Dell computer who in 2009 sold pastel-colored laptops. They, whoever took the site down after a few weeks. Tech companies should design products for women who are the most demanding customers. By understanding women the companies will be able to develop products that solve unique female problems. Most important women should be put in charge of the design process. Some products that are designed to solve women related problems include;
  • Nano Nails developed for women with long nails who have a problem navigating a touch screen.
  • Women are known to have handbags full of stuff, making it difficult to immediately get to their Smartphone. A Trellie is a Bluetooth enabled device that can be clipped outside a handbag to notify a user of incoming and missed calls.
  • I'm Up Power Bank is a fashionable mobile charger doubling up as a compact that contains two mirrors and powder blush that is replaceable.
  • Everpurse is an adorable purse that charges a cell phone and is suitable for women who are always on the move with no time for recharging phone. This saves the owner the hassle of carrying an extra battery.

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