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Why Office Assistants Will Be Replaced with Concierge Technology in 5 Years

David Wither

The office assistant is a huge part of the corporate structure. Whenever a CEO needs to book a restaurant for a new client at short notice they call the office assistant to do it. Whenever a manager needs to postpone an appointment with a supplier they call the office assistant to make sure that happens.

But the office assistant is about to become a thing of the past. Concierge technology is coming onto the market and it's about to make the office assistant obsolete. This guide is going to show you how.

How Does Concierge Technology Work?

Concierge technology works in much the same way as other advancements in business do. Things are about to go digital for businesses. No longer will you actually have to call a human being. You will be able to use your computer or mobile device to get things done.

Take the SELECT black card as an example. SELECT is a business travel card that comes with its own concierge service. Users of this card can enter the details on their card and immediately get things done. For example, guests of specific hotels can book restaurants in the local area through sending an SMS message.

Concierge technology allows you to make arrangements and plans regardless of whether you're in the office. You don't have to be in the same room as your office assistant to give orders.

Reap the Knowledge of Talented Individuals

One of the other benefits of concierge technology is the possibility to take advantage of talented individuals. Office assistants usually know about as much as you do because you both work in the same organization. To find out something new they will have to go away and find the answer. This is time-consuming and highly inefficient.

But it works differently with concierge technology. You will be dealing with someone who knows the area. For example, if you're travelling to San Francisco for the first time and need to find a good restaurant, you can simply use concierge technology. Since you're dealing with an expert in their field you will be able to automatically get the answer.

This is more efficient and you're getting more for your money. If the answer can be found through Googling it, you may as well do it yourself and forget about the office assistant entirely.

Why is this Technology So Beneficial?

The main benefit of this technology is it saves time. When implemented correctly, concierge technology has the capacity to save you so much time because you never need to be in the same room as the person you're requesting assistance from. You can make plans and change plans during the commute to work, while on the plane, and even when you're still at home.

For businesses, the coming of concierge technology is extremely welcome because it means they can save money. Hiring an office assistant can be expensive. You have to pay the minimum wage, cover employee perks, and other benefits. Concierge technology has the potential to help businesses save hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars every single year.

The Hunger for Digital Experts is There

Concierge technology has resulted from the growth of the gig economy. The growth of gig workers has outpaced payroll workers by 27% in the last ten years. Before concierge technology, businesses would hire physical employees or they would hire a virtual assistant. This person from India or Pakistan would perform online research to get the answers to your questions.

Inventions like the SELECT travel platform have enabled businesses to completely skip this part of the process. They have an expert available every single hour of the day. If you want to know where a good club is in a strange city at two in the morning, you can get an answer instantly.

Will Office Assistants Really Become a Thing of the Past?

The uptake in new technology is generally considered to be slow among bigger companies. Startups and small businesses have already started to invest in concierge technology to get basic tasks done. As the technology continues to grow, businesses are surely going to start noticing.

For now, the challenge of concierge technology is gaining visibility. People need to know that it exists. Once this happens, companies are going to start seeing the benefits of it and the office assistant will gradually become history.

Last Word – Invest in Concierge Technology Now

Concierge technology is just another example of how traditional office functions are becoming digital assets. The office assistant's days are numbered because this technology is more efficient, cost-effective, and generally more convenient to use for all involved.

Will you start using concierge technology?

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