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Gandi Donates Office Space to Holberton School Students

Diogo Costa, @diogocostaw

Holberton School is a disruptive college training the next generation of software engineer, offering a two-year program to turn students into full-stack software engineers. It focuses on project and peer learning, allowing students to explore their creativity and work as a team, in order to solve practical challenges – a system that is proven and widely used in Europe.

This system also brings more diversity into the tech field, something that the co-founder of this school, Julien Barbier, is actually pretty fond of. One year ago, he commented on his wish to see more women in the industry, and how Holberton School is doing its part:

"We have 15 brilliant female mentors at Holberton, and we feel very proud and lucky to have them on board. Not because they are women, but because they are amazing as software engineers, CEOs, or industry leaders in their field."

But the innovation coming from this school does not stop here. A good example is how it is using the authenticating blockchain of Bitcoin to authenticate its degrees, which is clearly a pioneer use of the blockchain technology. With this kind of authentication, employers can easily check if the credentials of a given candidate are real, eliminating fraudulent qualifications.

Now, news coming from San Francisco, where the school is based, report that Gandi, a well-known domain name registration company, is donating office space to Holberton School, so that its students can have a place to study, develop and work away from the "confusion" of the school, being closer to the "real world" at the same time.

Gandi will also provide students with professional hosting and support services for the OSI's Drupal and CiviCRM environments (, mailman email lists, and other web related applications and services. Pascal Bouchareine, CTO at Gandi, shared his vision on why Holberton School strongly deserves credit and why this partnership is important:

"Holberton School gives its students not just a high quality education, but maybe even more importantly, they train the students how to learn - for a lifetime. This, we believe, is the education of the future. We are happy to give students a place to learn and discover. Their drive and enthusiasm will benefit our team at Gandi as well."

On his hand, Barbier commented on how this will help the school and its students:
"When we left our companies to start our own school (one dedicated to diversity, innovation and quality while training students at scale), we knew they would need help from the tech community. Because, as Sylvain recently wrote, 'Silicon Valley Sucks at Training Software Engineers - and that's a Problem!'"

Gandi, today managing over 1.8 million domains names and with customers in 192 countries, is donating room to accommodate 12 students, located in a central position inside the company's office. Given that this space is within a 5-minute walk from Holberton School's main campus, and also close to LinkedIn office, who are also mentoring Holberton students, all conditions are created for a healthy incubator of innovation, creativity and development.

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