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Refurbish Your Home With These Technologies

Sahash Khanal

Thinking about redesigning your home? Want to give it a fresh new look? I'm sure you have thought about it. What you may or may not have thought about is giving the redecoration of your house a tech mix.

In this article we look into some of the essential technologies to revamp your home. Of all the things you may want, we look into items such wine coolers and smart hue lights. So let's get started with the list.

Smart Lights
Home Decoration
Why doesn't everyone have these already? Smart lights are incredibly cool and they have a wide variety of uses. You can use them to generate light of varying power and color. They can be controlled using your Android or iPhone devices. You can change the intensity and the colors depending on your mood and the setting. Or you can change the intensity of the lights depending on the time of the day. Change the color to a pleasant red for a romantic dinner or to purple and blue for great party.

Wine Coolers

If you've ever wanted to set up your own mini bar at home, wine coolers are a must have. It is a known fact that wine tastes better when stored in a certain temperature. Wine bottle do not belong in your cupboard or your refrigerator. Modern wine coolers can not only hold several bottles very efficiently, but they also come in dashing looks. So why not get one, not only to save space in your cupboard/refrigerator, but also to maintain the optimal condition for your wine? Show your guests a touch of class by serving them a well preserved glass of wine.

Home Decoration
You don't have to be tech savvy to want one of these. Running cables around your house can make for an incredibly ugly sight. When you have 2-3 televisions and more viewing devices around the house, it can be pretty frustrating trying to connect them all to a central content provider. With this little device called Chromecast, you will never have to worry about running cables through your home anymore. Connect these to your display devices and simply stream your favorite TV show, or that big game, in any device within your home. Also, you can view your mobile videos & photos, play mobile games or facetime with your loved one in a large TV screen.

LED Door knobs
Are you tired of having people barge in into your room when you don't want to be disturbed? Growing tired of hanging knob tags to let people know when you're busy? LED Door knobs can serve as a great alternative. These knobs can glow into a different color and can be controlled using a remote control or a smartphone app. Turn on that red light when you don't want people disturbing you. Turn on the green light when you want someone to know you're in your room and aren't particularly busy. Above all, never have another embarrassing moment when someone enters your room without notice.

Smart Remote
Home Decoration
Remote controls have truly come a long way. Remember those days when you had ten different remote controls for ten different items? Well, no biggie if you don't, because that sounds pretty stupid compared to the usability of a smart remote controls. Smart remote controls come in various forms, some as universal digital remotes and others as applications in your smart phones. Newer smartphones have built-in IR Blasters that can use used to control anything from your air conditioner to your TV. Give your house that minimalist look and feel by getting rid of all the individual remote controls. Control your home from a single hub.

Workstation Chair
No house is complete without a study room or an office. And a good office chair is the soul of every office/study room. So be careful when selecting one. Chances are, this could very well be the chair you sit at for most of your work hours. So make sure it's not only durable and stylish, but is also healthy for your back. Get an adjustable chair so that you can change the height and other properties of the chair based on your preference.

Charging Stations
Home Decoration
In an age where we spend more time among electronic devices than we do among people, these are a must have if you want to entertain your guests. Setup a charging station in your living room, so that your guests can easily hook up their phones of electronic devices when they're enjoying your party. Throw in a wireless charger for added style and you're sure to win the 'Host of the Year' award.
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