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High-Tech Plumbing For The 21st Century Home

Sahash Khanal

Plumbing has always been an essential part of building a good home. A good plumbing system makes for a cleaner and more hygienic household. With advancement in technology, plumbing systems have come a long way from being purely mechanical. And surely, with all the exciting developments going on in the tech field, we can expect more interesting developments in the years to come.

This article is a part of a series I'm writing on how you can implement technology to improve your home and your lifestyle. In this particular article we look into the various new high-tech plumbing systems that you can upgrade to and how they can make your life easier.

Kitchen Sink

One of the most important plumbing systems any home needs is a well-installed Kitchen Sink. And boy have we come a long way with it. With new technologies such as faucets that automatically turn on and off by using proximity sensors and sinks that altogether vanish when not in use, there are plenty of reasons, both economic and aesthetic, to upgrade your Kitchen sink to something new.

Garbage Disposal

Garbage Disposals were actually invented in the 1920s, so they are hardly anything new. But we've definitely come a long way with this technology. Garbage disposals have traditionally always been electrically powered. Today they come in two forms, Continuous & Batch Feed. Continuous Garbage Disposals start working the minute you press a button. Batch Feed Garbage disposals work in batches. Newer technology ensures that these systems now come with more powerful, smaller and quieter motors. Make sure to look into reviews of the best new garbage disposal units in the market before you get one for your home.


We live in a society obsessed with hygiene and cleanliness. As such bathrooms are an important part of our homes. Most Americans adults shower everyday, and as such it only makes sense to have the best installations for your bathroom. Does a shower that lights up using LED lights that change color depending on the temperature of the water sound interesting to you? Also we now have bathtubs and jacuzzis that come with audio-visual features and can produce rotating microjets to give you a back massage. There are plenty of intersting technologies to consider for your bathroom.


Clogged toilets are the most disgusting and unavoidable thing we regularly have to deal with. But with newer flushing technologies that use high pressure air to push the excrement down, you may never have to worry about that again. Newer flushing technologies not only clean your toilet better, but they can also actually save water. Also we now have toilets where you no longer have to use your hands or toilet paper after you're done. How that's for future tech? And you may never have to worry about forgetting to put the toilet seat down, with some of the newer toilets in the market coming with technologies that automatically raises and lowers the seats using proximity sensors. There are plenty of options out there. Make sure to look into reviews to find the best toilet for your home

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