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Use Your Apple Watch to Create a Smart Home

Ryan Kh, @ryankhgb

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Since the 1920s, scientists and philosophers have predicted that people will eventually have robots for servants. In 1949, Isaac Asimov created a series of novels about robots filling numerous roles.
These ideas have been confined to science fiction novels for most of the past century. However, the Apple Watch is slowly bringing these ideas to life.
There are many great apps that you can use your Apple Watch to turn your house into a smart home. You can use these to access gadgets from other parts of your home or monitor your second home for intruders and other threats.
Here are a few apps every Apple Watch owner can use to bring their home into the 21st Century.

Monitor Your Home with Withings

Do you want to keep tabs on your kids while they are home alone? Have footage to bring to the police if a burglar breaks into your house?
Withings is a French electronics company that produces its own app and many gadgets that can be accessed with your Apple Watch. They produce an HD camera that streams footage to your Apple Watch or other smart devices. Here are some of its unique features:
  • Two way audio
  • Night vision
  • 130 degree wide angle
  • Ability to adjust focus remotely
You can download the Withings app for free, but will have to pay for their camera. was one of the first security apps for smart homes. However, it does a lot more than keep your home safe. You can use to:
  • Watch live video feeds of your home
  • Adjust thermostats
  • Lock doors
  • Turn lights on and off
Only a decade ago, this technology was inconceivable.

Nest Protect

Do you ever worry that your home may catch fire while you are away? Nest Protect alerts you of any dangers, including fires and carbon monoxide poisoning. If your smoke detector or carbon monoxide detector are triggered, Nest Protect sends alerts directly to your Apple Watch. Nest Alert smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors are automatically tested every 200 seconds.
Julia Buerger, the contractor that provides fire protection for home depot, told USA Today that smart alarms like Nest Protect are the wave of the future.
"The Home Depot is very passionate about fire safety. It really does feel like every time we make a sale we're helping protect someone's life," Buerger claims.

Amazon Echo

Do you use Siri for directions or information while driving? Amazon Echo does essentially the same thing for your home.
Amazon Echo is primarily used to play music, but there are a lot of other things you can use it for. You can use its voice controls to turn lights on and off, Google information without touching your smart device and adjust your thermostat. You can access by speaking into

Smart Air Conditioning

Being able to easily adjust the temperature of your rooms is one of the best things about having a smart house. There are a number of great apps that make it easier than ever.
Smart Air Conditioner is an Android app that is used to monitor temperature throughout your home. It was created by Samsung, so you know it's a reliable tool. The app has received mostly five-star ratings on Google Play, because it makes adjusting temperature settings easier than ever.
Of course, your air conditioner needs to be functional for this app to work. An AC repair company can help you configure it and provide regular maintenance.

Lutron Caséta Wireless

We have listed a few other apps that allow you to adjust your lights from home. Lutron Caséta Wireless has a few other useful features.
You can also use Lutron Caséta Wireless to adjust the shades and thermostat. You don't even have to be home to use any of these features.

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