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Stress and Relief in The Age of Technology

Mohammad Naim

Technology is causing stress in numerous ways, and not all that stress is bad. Most of the stress from technology comes from the reason that it is always accessible. Before the introduction of mailing services, mobile phones and the Internet, we could leave our school or work places and go home comfortably and rest. So what about today? How many people do you find lining up in the Internet Cafe?
Below are several ways in which the advancement of technology is rapidly increasing stress;

(a) Modern technology is rapidly introducing negative effects our sleep. The simulated light from Television and computer screens addiction impacts melatonin production and evades circadian rhythms, hindering deep, recuperative sleep. Below are different ways in which the lack of sleep occurs;

  • Heavy gadget utilization shows a rapid increase in sleep afflictions in male and an increase in depressive signs in both male and female.
  • Those persistently access through cell phones are among the most likely effects to mental health.
  • Men who utilize computers and laptops intensively develop sleep problems
  • Frequent late night computer and cell phone use is deeply linked with sleep disorders, stress and depressive signs in both men and women.
  • Continuous use computers without breaks increases the risk of stress, sleeping and problems symptoms in women.

(b) The advancement in technology has increased high levels of stress at work places
Imagine you are only depending on the computer or laptop to run all the business projects. The devices happen to break down and you have less idea on how to solve the issue on mind. Will this nit definitely cause stress? Definitely yes. You will try to over think on the perfect solution and is utmost definition of stress.

(c) What is teen stress and how does technology conjure up in this? In this modern world, it is rare to find a teen who does not have a phone or Internet access. Guardians may not be anxious about the stress that technology brings to their teens' lives which and they should. Technology, in spite of its benefits, it can really counteract in a teen's life in many ways that bring along considerable amounts of stress. Put in mind that gone are the times when a teen came home from school and finish up their school work then get back to helping their parents in house chores. Nowadays, teens are at all times in a social media environment, online if not physically. With the advanced gadgets, prompt messaging and social networks, the advanced environment of the school has stretch out into the home. This illustrates the social issues of teens always follow them home, causing mental stress when they should be reading or resting.

Every problem has its way of resolution. Below are several important ways that relief stress caused by this modern technology:-

Sleep soundly
Come to an end and stand still on using the phone and computers hours prior to bedtime. The light from digital phones, laptops and computers can handicapaptness to fall and linger asleep.

Shut down your device
Once you have denominated those phone free time periods, be more even bolder and turn the gadget off unconditionally. If not you are looking forward to an important phone call or email.

Face the filters
In many cases, majority of email programs have chosen to filter out some emails from the inbox derived on sender or the email subject. Reflect on filtering out everything apart from comparatively top priority messages , so that messages from schoolmates, friends, family and workmates don't jam the inbox and prevent us from other work we might be working on. . Also it is recommendable to set up different accounts for work and personal emails so you won't be induced to read the useless information from your pals.

Simply say no
Constant emails, Twitter feeds, Facebook updates, and other social media platforms can bring into being the false impressions that we can keep abreast up with anything that is happening on around us. But attempts to live on top of worldwide news as well as our nearest and dearest scheme can steer us to lunatics. On the second thought,do your utmost to assume that it's not manageable to keep track of almost everything that is occurring in the worldwide.

Beside these some meditation techniques can also be a good option to relief from stress.

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