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Netflix v Hulu - Who Is Winning The Battle Of Digital Content?

Shekhar Mishra, @techshekhar

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Netflix was founded in 1997, and since then it has changed the way we think and watched TV shows and movies. After a huge success of Netflix, big media, and production houses launched their Subscription based Website and Apps providing online streaming of Videos, movies, and TV shows.
One of them is Hulu which is a joint venture of Walt Disney Company, 21st Century Fox, Comcast and Time Warner. Hulu is giving tough competition to Netflix, and we thought about comparing these two videos on Demand Service provider to find out which one is best.

10 Point Comparison Between NetFlix and Hulu

1. Price

Both Hulu and Netflix provide subscription service for US$ 7.99 per month. Hulu has the option of Ad Free subscription of US$11.99 per month as well. Netflix doesn't show ads at all.

2. Free Trial Period

Netflix provides one month free trial period while Hulu provides 7 Days of a Free trial period. Netflix, in this case, gives enough time to new users to like their service.

3. Services

Netflix's services include Online Video Streaming including Movies and mostly completed seasons of ongoing shows, DVD Rentals, and On Demand Video.
Hulu's service includes On Demand Video and TV Shows including current seasons.

4. Subscribers

As of May 2016, Hulu has more than 12 Million subscribers. On the other hand, Netflix has more than 80 Million subscribers, easily ahead of all its competitors.

5. Original contents

Hulu and Netflix both produce their own original contents. One of the most popular shows on Hulu includes ongoing Comedy show Casual.
Whereas Multiple Emmy Winner House Of Card, NetFlix's original content is one of the most popular current show on Internet and TV. Orange is The New Black is another of the top show created for Netflix.

6. Commercials

Netflix is ad free. After paying the subscription fee, you don't need to see any commercials in between shows and during Video Streaming.
Meanwhile, Hulu shows commercials between shows and movies. To remove those ads, you have to subscribe its US$12 per month package.

7. Quality

Both Netflix and Hulu provide HD videos. The quality of Hulu Videos ranges from 288p to 720p HD. The quality of NetFlix Ranges from DVD Quality to 1080p HD.

8. Movies and TV Shows

Hulu is more focused towards TV Shows than films. It Shows many Past and Current series from respective networks and content partners. On Hulu you can watch latest episodes of ongoing TV Series within 24 hours after it airs on TV.
Netflix has more than 100,000 Movies in their library, and they show TV shows only when a season ends. We can say that Hulu is a better option for TV shows but when it comes to movies, Netflix rules.

9. Availability

Netflix has expanded globally and now available in various Asian countries as well, including India.
Hulu, on the other hand, is more focused in USA and Japan

10. Revenue

Hulu's revenue recently touched US$1 Billion.
On the other hand, Netflix which is still growing at a fast pace is about to touch revenue of US$8 Billion.

Bottom Line

Netflix is king and way ahead than its competitors. Even though Hulu is backed up by biggest production houses, Netflix's ease of use, availability and large movie library makes it superior to others.

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