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Why Laptops Should Not Be Banned in Classrooms


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Some education experts support the suggestion to ban the laptops in classrooms. They provide different arguments to support their suggestion. According to them, laptops can distract the attention of the students. It can promote cheating. The students will not be more social and will be less communicative, etc. Whatever they say may be true, but only for a few reasons, you can't favor banning a very useful technology in classrooms. Everything has its own benefits and side-effects. I hope you have heard a lot for banning the laptops in classrooms. Let's see the advantages of using the laptops in classrooms so that you could decide which group of people you should follow.

Affects the Learning Style of the Students

As you know, this is the era of technology, and the majority of the students is used to type the notes instead of writing them by hand because typing notes can be a faster task rather than be writing them by hand. The students can type the notes, edit them when required and delete the less important portions of the assignments. Even they will be less afraid of the assignment being lost or damaged as compared to the handwritten assignments. So, banning laptops can affect the learning style of the students. They will feel it an excessive toil to prepare notes by hand, and it seems quite burdensome to them. Some teachers also think that gaming laptops are just for gaming and students use them to play games in classrooms but some assignments related tasks need high-performance laptops and gaming ones are excellent for them, for students I'd recommend gaming laptops under $500 because they are affordable and can perform heavy tasks smoothly.

A Faster and Modern Way of Learning

Using laptops for creating assignments is a faster and modern way of learning for the students. If they are preparing handwritten notes, they have to waste a lot of time in drawing the diagrams, charts and pictures. On the contrary, they can use a broad range of apps to create typed notes with charts, graphs and tables.

Enables the Teachers to Do More Experiments in Teaching

The teachers should be aware of the modern academia. The usage of this advanced technology allows them to do more experimentsin teaching. They can design their lesson and the students' activities in more efficient way. They can bring dramatic changes by using flipped classroom technique. You can use a broad range of teaching tools to bring the students to e-learning platforms. You can use some very useful apps like Top Hat that enables you to assign grades to the students for their written assignments, discussion topics and other activities.

Portable Notes & Influential Way of Learning

The students can carry their notes with them anywhere. They can look up difficult things during the class and discussion. They can share their thoughts with the classmates. It is a powerful way of learning. The notes and e-books are readily available for them. They can share their notes online with one another. If you have handwritten notes, you need to get a print out to share with your friends. On the other hand, the students have portable notes can share with their friends via email or USB drive.

Innovative Way towards Learning

The majority of the students think differently about using the laptops. They should be allowed to use it not for fun in the classroom. The teachers should allow the students to use their laptops only during the discussion activities, group learning activities and during research projects. It will lead them towards innovation.

Students Should Be Well-Versed with the Life Skills

It can be very useful for the students to be well-versed with the life skills by using the laptop. You can create presentations and email them to your classmates. Moreover, you manage all of your important notes online and search online resources while differentiating the reliable and unreliable study resources. So, you try to pace with all life skills before stepping into the practical life.

Need of the Hour to Be Familiar with the Technology

You are not living in the 19th century. Then why to remain backwards by walking in the classroom with the notebooks in your hands and wasting time in writing notes? You are living in the 21st century. It is the need of the hour to be familiar with the latest technology and to use it. You should prepare yourself for a digital future and try to pace with the time.

An Appropriate Learning Tool for Disabled Students

The students with any disability should be greatly thankful for the technology that enables them to learn more efficiently. Let's say! A person with learning disabilities brings his laptop in the classroom will consider it a great blessing and accommodation for him. Banning laptops in the classrooms will be a total rejection of his rights.

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