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Ben Heck's Atari junk keyboard, part 2

Complete with a retro '80s design.
11.13.16 in DIY

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We're not so sure about Ben and Atari making beautiful music together, though the Ben Heck Show team certainly builds good circuits. Previously, they took apart a keyboard and made a manually activated switch matrix to read the piano keys. Now it's time to take those outputs and hook them up to a 555 logic chip array to create the Atari inspired sound effects.

There's a lot of wiring to do, so Ben and Felix split up the tasks. Ben wires up the bank of chips onto a board that will sit on top of the transistor array that Felix is wiring, with a header interfacing them. Karen meanwhile, paints and designs the casing in a retro feel befitting of the time. Ben and Felix then go to work on making additional adjustments to the board and create a totally '80s Atari junk keyboard. What instrument would you like the team to make? Join the element14 Community to tell us about your music hacks and suggest an instrument.

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