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Some Common DNS Errors On Windows PC And Troubleshooting

Tony Tran, @tonytranme

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There are many types of DNS errors and could occur on many platforms, including Windows, Mac, Linux or even Android. The result of most DNS errors is that you won't be able to access the Internet.

DNS looks like a barebone of the Internet. It's a part of your computer, which uses to access the Internet. Without the DNS server, your computer can't be going out to the Internet.

That's the reason why you always need to diagnose and troubleshoot DNS errors immediately. By that, you will get your computer and the Internet back to work as soon as possible, avoid any losses from those kinds of mistakes.

How Many Kinds Of DNS Errors That You Often Encounter?

There are many DNS errors you might encounter while using the computer. However, just two primary causes cause DNS errors. It's on the DNS server side and your computer side.

1. DNS Server Fault

The error from DNS server is a common reason that causes DNS errors. You might already know the important of DNS server for the Internet. So if there are any problems with the DNS server, such as unstable or timed out, the Internet will collapse, a part or the entire.

Of course, many organizations will try to maintain those primary DNS servers and avoid those mistakes. However, from the user side, if you choose to use an unstable DNS server, it will prevent you from accessing the Internet stability.

Here are a few common DNS errors that caused by unstable DNS server, such as:

- Your DNS server not responding error in Windows.
- Dns_Probe_Finished_Nxdomain Error In Google Chrome.
- DNS Probe Finished No Internet Error In Google Chrome.

In this case, you need to change or replace your default DNS server on your computer or wireless router to a third-party DNS server service that more stable than the current one. In case you don't know which you should use, I would recommend two primary DNS services, that are:

- Google's DNS.
- OpenDNS.

Of course, if you encounter these DNS errors, it's not always caused by your DNS server. Sometimes, another reason that causes it. That's the reason why you always need to diagnose and find the real reason and then troubleshooting it.

2. Computer Fault

Besides the DNS server, sometimes a mistake or misconfiguration on your computer can be the reason that leads to a DNS error. So if you have tried the method above - to change DNS server - but the DNS error remains, then you should to use Windows Network Diagnose tool to help you scan the entire computer and find the cause.

In this case, you can't use your normal eyes to detect the problem. You will need help from those kinds of tools, which will do a deep scan on your computer and show you the problem if there is any. From that, you will know what you should do to resolve the DNS error, as well as avoid it happens again on your computer.

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