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Uber gives you an easy way to compliment good drivers

It only takes a couple of taps to say what went well.

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There are certainly ways to praise an Uber driver beyond a five-star rating, like basic notes or some cash at the end of the trip. But what if you want to make it patently clear that you liked a particular aspect of your ride? After this week, it'll be easy. Uber is introducing a compliment system that lets you supplement the star rating with a badge that reflects what you liked the most. If drivers are great conversationalists or go out of their way to help unload your bags, you can let them know.

Drivers get alerts as soon as they receive badges, and their collection is accessible a dedicated page -- it's like Swarm for ridesharing workers.

Compliments could help drivers by motivating them to go the extra mile, and indirectly showing where they could improve. You might get better service as a result. With that said, the absence of a Lyft-style tip mechanism isn't helping -- we suspect drivers would like some extra income to go along with those kind words.

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