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5 ways to Keep Your Websites Well-secured and Safe

Pimenov Maxim

You often read about how hackers are making merry by either hacking websites or social media accounts or sometimes hacking emails. The hacking activities can leak the secret government document or even transfer all the money from the bank account. Though hacking comes in the criminal category, it also needs expertise in upcoming technology and good knowledge of internet security.
How will safe be your website? What you need to do to take care of your website so it will not be hacked at all. You have to be more careful about your website, and you need to follow certain tips given below:

1.Software update:

The website needs to be taken care of well. Either you development the website with the help of your development team or if you have used it the third party turnkey platform for your website, but you need to make sure that your website remains well protected. To offer the protection, you have to make sure that the software that you make use of while building the website is updated and is the latest version. Most of CMS providers who offer you various technologies like Wordpress, Joomla and many other useful programs which make your website run smoothly are needed to be upgraded. Keep your website clean and keep removing old files and unwanted folders. Update every plug-in and software that you use for the website. Always have a regular update and never ignore any doubtful activity or message.

2. Provide security:

You have to give complete security to the website. The way we close the door and keep our home protected, similarly you have to install antivirus software which is powerful and keeps the website free of malicious and dangerous viruses. The applications such as Firewall offer the first level of security. The security applications are designed to filter the traffic systematically and to give a warning or block the entry of any dangerous programs. The security is also offered to block the unwanted traffic and the spam.

3.Cloud computing

Now most of the web applications which are solely based on cloud computing and offer dedicated services .which can be directly used with plug and play option. And it does not require any additional security check. Such programs make the website run faster without the addition of any extra burden to the website. Such programs reduce the possibility of the website getting hacked.

4.Secured web hosting

The website needs to be secured web hosting, and it is possible when you make use of secure communication protocol HTTPS (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure) should be used to transfer sensitive information between a website and the web server. The HTTPS protocol is for adding the Transport Layer Security (TLS) to the HTTP which makes it secured from hacking. The website usually uses HTTP and HTTPS is for all types of online data transactions.

5.Use strong passwords

Most of the websites are also hacked by guessing the password along with the username. Most of the hackers make use of applications which can give you the possible passwords for a particular account. Make use of stronger passwords which are most effective and can eliminate the possibilities of hacking.

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