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Ben Heck's Virtual Boy, part 1

Let's start with the teardown.
11.27.16 in DIY

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Ben's seeing double this week with a retro virtual reality console that was ahead of its time: Nintendo's Virtual Boy (codename "VUE"). Though the technology was advanced in many ways, it didn't prevent the sort of dizziness that still plagues virtual reality headsets today. As Ben quips, "It's like a trip to the eye doctor!" Of course, this means Ben has to take it apart in a traditional teardown to find out what makes the Virtual Boy tick. Inside we find a 32-bit processor and graphics chip along with a very clever mechanical setup. Unfortunately, as ingenious as the internal design is, it's still prone to failure; indeed, Ben has to design and print a part using Autodesk Fusion 360 to help repair it. Now that it's fixed, though, it's time to improve it! Make sure you look out for the next episode, and in the meantime let us know what you think of VR technology over on the element14 Community.

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